9 Creative and Classy Ideas for a Coed Bachelorette Party

Do you want to spice up your bachelorette party in a unique way? Why not throw a coed party with some interesting men instead of the typical bachelorette party with just the girls?

Having a coed bachelorette party is a great way to save time and money since you can include all your friends in one event without having to plan multiple parties. 

To make your party unique and memorable, we have put together some creative and classy ideas for a coed bachelorette party:

Host a Backyard Barbeque

The good thing about a backyard barbeque is that you can customize it to suit your party theme. Whether you want a casual cookout with burgers and hot dogs or to add some flair to the menu with tasty appetizers and unique drinks, hosting a BBQ is always a fun way to celebrate.

You can also include fun lawn games, like cornhole or horseshoes, to keep your guests entertained while you grill and socialize. A late-night bonfire will be a great way to end the evening if the weather is nice.

Play Some Team Sports

If your group of friends loves sports, plan a day/evening playing your favorite games with the guys. Whether you are all die-hard football fans or love playing soccer, pick a sporting event to cheer on together and make some friendly bets while you watch.

If you have an athletic background from college, get together for a weekend afternoon of softball, basketball, or tennis. 

Go Glamping

Going with nature doesn't always mean you need to be sleeping on the ground in a tent! Instead, plan for a glamping trip with your friends. Glamping is fantastic because it allows you to experience nature and its beauty while having creature comforts like beds, bathrooms, and electricity.

You can go glamping at a local campground or have it be part of your backcountry adventure. Some popular glamping spots include cabins in the woods, yurts by the water, or luxurious tents outfitted with all the amenities.

Host a "Man Crawl" or Bar Crawl

If everyone in your group loves going out for drinks, why not plan a "man crawl" or bar crawl for the night? It can be as simple as choosing a unique neighborhood or part of town with multiple bars and having everyone meet at the first spot. From there, you can either stay together or have each person pick their next stop.

You can even make it more of a competition if you want to add some friendly competition - award points for each drink purchased, best outfit, or silliest dare. 

Hit up a Local Comedy Club or Improv Show

A night out at a comedy club or improv show is a great opportunity to bond with your friends if you all enjoy sharing a good laugh. You can have everyone dress up in their fanciest clothes and get a group rate on tickets, or even see if you can reserve a table and make it more of a private outing.

Whether you spend the night laughing at comedians or watch your friends take on crazy improv challenges, this will be a night of fun that everyone can enjoy!

Go on a Mini Road Trip

It's like an adult version of a school field trip! Plan a mini road trip to visit some nearby cities or landmarks. It can be as simple as packing up the car and driving to your favorite local place, or something more organized, like renting an RV and taking everyone on a weekend getaway.

Go for a hike, hit up some of the local sights, visit a brewery or winery - whatever you're in the mood for! No matter how you spend it, everyone will have fun getting out of town and experiencing something new together.

Spend a Day on the Beach or at Lake

A day at the beach or lake with the squad is a great bachelorette weekend idea to unwind and spend time together no matter the season. You can rent boats or jet skis if you're up for some water sports, or have everyone bring their favorite beach gear and spread out to soak up the sun.

It is a great option for an all-day outing, and you can even find some local beachside restaurants or cafes to grab lunch at. Whether planning your bachelorette party in advance or deciding last-minute, a day at the beach or lake is bound to be a hit with everyone!

Rent a Limo or Party Bus

If your bridesmaid and groomsmen are up for a night on the town, why not plan it in style with a limo or party bus rental? You can all take turns being the designated driver and show up at your favorite bars together.

Have a limo or bus outfitted with a sound system, mini-fridge, and Wi-Fi to make it even more fun. You can put together some playlists ahead of time and plan the evening to your liking! 

Have a Yacht Bash

Let's step it up a notch! If you and your group have the budget, renting a yacht for your bachelorette or bachelor party is an amazing way to spend the evening. You can either charter your private yacht or find one available to rent by night.

Whether you're planning a day cruise through the ocean or an all-night rager out in the open water, this will be an unforgettable night. Bring along some drinks and snacks to keep the fun going, or hire a caterer or bartender for the duration of your yacht party!

Final Thoughts

Planning a coed bachelorette party is easy when you use these tips! Choose one of the fun and unique ideas above, or come up with something perfect for your group. With all your closest friends in one place having a great time, this will be a night to remember before the big day!

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